Land Barons

    Why Iberville has been a poor parish for so long. At one point in time, Iberville was a pretty rich parish. It has not been so for decades. Why was it this way? There are several reasons Iberville Parish and the city of Plaquemine fallen from grace. Economically, the mom and pops went out of business ane either were replaced by the big stores (Wal-Mart) and more mom and pops did not open. Even if some Joe Blow opened a small business he did not stick with it long enough to make it a success. I am not … Continue reading Land Barons

The Democrats Could Be In Serious Trouble

The Democrats could be in some serious trouble in the next two to eight years if they keep on the road that they appear to be headed on. When I say this, what I mean is that they are on a road of obstruction, Every thing that Trump will put forth, the democrats will try obstruct and stall anything that President Trump will put forth.  The Problem comes with the fact that most of the things that President Trump wants to get done are policies that a majority, if only a slim one, want these thing done. A serious taking … Continue reading The Democrats Could Be In Serious Trouble


The left side of the progressive isle is on the way to full on mental breakdown. They are trying to get the election overturned via recount even though the likely-hood of the overturning of the election is less than a five percent chance. I get that they are they are afraid of what Donald Trump might do and if he would take things too far into it being a person who will be a dictator and put people who disagree with him in jail or flat out have them killed. I am not arguing with them that this could and/or … Continue reading Deranged